About eWIN

eWIN is the NHS workforce information network designed to enable improvements in workforce development, efficiency and productivity. eWIN provides a central place to share and access valuable workforce information, best practice, case studies and resources.

We are working on developing an expanded range of eWIN knowledge resources as part of the national Learning Hub. This site is part of the transition to the new Learning Hub, and ensures our resources remain available throughout the transition.

Over the coming months we will be gathering user feedback on how eWIN could be even more useful. In the longer term as part of the Learning Hub, this will enable a wider group of users to engage with eWIN and will give access to an expanded range of resources and functionality.

Resources available on this website

We are continuing to add new case studies, hot topics and overviews, to provide resources that:

  • enable the sharing of best practice, and learning from challenges, efficiencies and improvements
  • explain evidence base improvements in a tangible manner
  • encourage others to learn from good practice and continue to drive a culture of best practice sharing and learning
  • enable users to find examples from other organisations who have tackled similar challenges

Do you have a project or initiative that would be suitable to share as an eWIN case study? We welcome submissions from NHS trusts demonstrating good practice in the area of workforce development. Get in touch with the team to find out more.

If you have any feedback or queries about eWIN, please contact the team at ewin@hee.nhs.uk

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